Easy Halloween Spiders




Introduction: Easy Halloween Spiders

I am not sure if this has been done before on here. I tried to search and did not come across them.

Step 1: Materials

1- any color christmas ornaments if your going to paint them. or if you can find the black ones that would save a step.

2- Bump Chenille pipe cleaners. they look more spider like than just regular pipe cleaners.

3- can of flat black spray paint

Step 2:

first i wanted to make some black widow looking ones, i got some red paint but could not find black ones so i just cut the shape out of masking tape and put that on red ornaments.

Step 3:

here i used some mason line and strung it between my kids swingset, i tied one side up first and then fed the ornaments through it by the loop that hangs them. shook up the paint can and went to town. once dry i brought them all inside for the assembly.

Step 4:

here is everything ready and one already made. on the second picture you can see only 2 pipe cleaners in the hole. third gets tight and 4th is worse. but they will all fit. just go easy or you can break the loop.

Step 5:

this step i do not really have any suggestions for, this is where you twist the legs so they will not collapse under the weight of the ornaments. all i did was carefully twist opposite legs over each other. i think next round i will use a hot glue gun and see if they hold together better that way.

Step 6:

now all that is left is to shape the legs so they stand how you want them.

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    i have never seen pipe cleaners like those, they're amazing! when i make a new batch of my easy spiders i will totally look for that kind of 'legs'