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This is a last minute easy Harley Quinn from the suicide squad.

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Step 1: Foundation.

I am pale so I didn't need to go any lighter, I just put on my normal foundation, concealer, and translucent powder.

Step 2: Eye Base

For the base of my eyes a used the NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk. a white base will make the colors pop.

Step 3: Blue

one eye is blue, so I used a bright blue all over the lid. Then a grabbed a dark blue and placed it on the corners then drug it into the crease.

Step 4: Pink

one eye is pink, so I used a hot pink shadow all over the lid, then a red shadow on the corner and crease.

Step 5: Eyebrows and Random Detail

First I primed my eyebrows with a white eyeliner pencil, then i used the same blues and pinks on my brows. light color near the front dark near the back. I also drug some of the color down my nose and under my eye.

Step 6: Tears

I made pink and blue tears with really watered down metallic body paint from Mehron in blue and pink.

Step 7: Eyeliner

using a black liquid eyeliner I drew a heart on the pink side then gave myself some winged eyeliner.

Step 8: Dots

using white and light pink liquid eyeliner I randomly placed dots on my face.

Step 9: Lips

I used a bright red lipstick then I used black in the corners and blended it in.

Step 10: Last


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    3 years ago

    You make Harley look

    f r i g h t e n i n g !