Easy Hidden Camera on the Cheap (Lighter Mod)!!! Big Boyz Toys




Introduction: Easy Hidden Camera on the Cheap (Lighter Mod)!!! Big Boyz Toys

Mini DVR Modification (Lighter)  Hidden Camera

Hello today I am going to teach you how to modify the Lighter-Spy-DVR-Mini-DV Camcorder

You will need:
Mini DVR Modification (Lighter)
General Tool box (Tools)
Blending Device – In this case we will be using a Photo

First you will need to remove your micro sd card from the cam and make sure it is turned off. Now carefully Using the pliers and a little help with a knife might be needed.

Now after you have dissembled the Dvr Mark up the hole on the Picture, Poster, Etc possibility's are endless with the item you are using

Make the hole where the mini cam will go and tape it down be sure to take note of the Power button though If i had a soldering iron i would solder a extra button on you can see in the picture the two holes 

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Step 1: Securing

Now tape

Step 2:

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! Please post bigger pictures of disassembled lighter! Do you think you could replace lenses with wide angle? Do you think you could wire larger battery? What is the voltage?