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Store bought toothpastes are full of poisons and sugar! Making your own toothpaste is simple and much more effective.

Your teeth will be cleaner. Your smile will be brighter and whiter.
Your breath will be fresher, like all day and night fresher.

To be honest, I forget to brush my teeth somedays. Without the smell of death and the furry feeling that always came when I brushed with store bought toothpaste, it slips my mind. Weird, I know!

I'm going to show you how I make my "Ogre Toothpaste". I call it that because i use Bentonite Clay, which gives it a light green color.

If you don't have Bentonite Clay you can still make a wonderful toothpaste.

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Step 1: Ingredients You Will Need

Small container with lid

Spoon- if you have a small and big spoon in your drawer pick the smaller one.

Hydrogen Peroxide 3%- The normal stuff you get from the drug store. (IF, for some reason, you must swallow your toothpaste after you brush, then use food grade peroxide.)

Baking Soda- The everyday box in your kitchen cabinet that u bake with. NOT the kind packaged special for the refrigerater/freezer.

Coconut Oil- Virgin,cold pressed, unrefined

Apple Cider Vinegar- Unpasteurized, unfiltered

Bentonite Clay- available at health food stores. It has wonderful healing and toxin gathering properties.

Peppermint Oil

Step 2: Ogre Toothpaste

With your spoon scoop into empty container:

3 scoops Baking Soda

2 scoops Bentonite Clay

2 scoops Coconut oil

mix ( my spoon broke so I had to get a new one)

add 3 spoons of Hydrogen Peroxide

1/4 cap Apple Cider Vinegar


keep adding baking soda slowly to fix any separation. you will see that the paste looks grainy and kind of bubbles. Keep adding Baking Soda.

now add Peppermint Oil. if you like alot, put alot. If you dont, then put a little. I added 6 drops.

Step 3: Brush Your Teeth

Step 4: Take a Towel and Wipe Your Tongue!

Your tongue will need to be wiped off. There will be captured bacteria in the clay that is left on your tongue.

Rinse your mouth with water.

Now, run your clean tongue all over your clean teeth. Feels good huh?

Your Done!

Thanks for Lookin, then doin, and Lovin!

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12 Discussions


3 years ago

No doubt this cleans you teeth as will any arasive, salt for example, but I am not sure a dentist would approve either cider vinegar (acids eat into the enamel of your teeth, a major cause of tooth decay) or the peroxide which is a powerful bleach which will oxidize quickly loosing it's bleaching properties what other effects it may have I don't know for sure but I wouldn't put it in my mouth.

Bentonite and Kaolin, another clay, are both ingredients in anti diarrhoea medication so i wouldn't swallow too much of that either.

5 replies

Reply 3 years ago

You are right ! A dentist would not approve of this toothpaste. Dentists approve the use of fluoride, mercury fillings, and root canals. All of which are horrible for a human. Baking soda neutralizes the acid. The Apple Cider Vinegar fixes your mouth's pH balance. You are also correct that the clay does help with stopping diarrhea. It also helps with any stomach ailment. Native American Indians have been using it to heal for hundreds of years. I wouldn't swallow my toothpaste after I brush my teeth, either. That's just disgusting! Thanks for your comment!


Reply 3 years ago

Wow, you don't believe in root canal surgery either?!? Clearly, you've never needed it! I'll bet you'll change your tune fast when that day comes...(and it will come, if you continue using overly abrasive toothpaste without fluoride...). Your tooth enamel is precious, protect it! I know you will probably dismiss my comment, but I still feel honor bound to caution you and others who might be inclined to follow this recipe. This shouldn't harm you if you use it once or twice, but 2-3 times a day for years? Please don't do this to your teeth! Don't let your beliefs, reinforced by cherry-picked google research, get in the way of real, data-driven evidence and scientific consensus. Don't write off an entire profession (dentists are a varied group of intelligent individuals who studied the subject for years and who collectively have tens of thousands of years of practical experience)!


Reply 3 years ago

I am most appreciative for your "honor bound caution", misleading assumptions, and ill-wishes. Unfortunately, I cannot dismiss your hypicritical comment.
For the record, I have no hate towards the dentists / hygienists of the world. They are wonderful and perform many procedures that DO help people. Myself and my children go to the dentist twice a year. We all get cleanings, and I have to tell them each time that we will not be sitting with a mouth- tray full of flavored floride. We get enough floride when we use tap water.
You are correct that I have never had a root canal. I will let you know if I ever need one. Dont hold your breath, though. I will just have my problem tooth removed long before I'd keep a dead tooth in my mouth.
All root canals are is when the root is removed from the tooth. The root is connected to nerves. That's why it hurts so bad, then after the procedure it doesn't. The root also carries white blood cells that fight infection. A tooth without roots is a dead tooth. Now you have infection hanging out where your body can't get its germ fighting army. Blood can't circulate, so you are left with pockets of infection poisoning you. No thanks!

I'm not sure why you are all "protect your enamal!","Please don't do this to your teeth!".??
Be more concerned about the sugar added to store bought toothpaste. I was told by a dentist that sugar causes enamal eating cavities. Too bad floride doesn't kill cavities.

Here is some "cherry picking research" for you about root canals,

Cherries have amazing health benefits, too! You should Google it. Thanks for yor comment!


Reply 3 years ago

You misunderstood me: when I said you would probably dismiss my comment, I meant that it would not change your opinion in any way. I figured you'd read it and reply, as you have to others, and I did my best to word it carefully so you would not respond defensively and sarcastically (though I do admit I was shocked at how lightly you brushed off the opinions of experts and scientific consensus, and that feeling probably came through). My comments were definitely not "ill wishes," on the contrary, I am very relieved to learn you and your kids go to the dentist, and that you drink municipal water with fluoride -- maybe that will be enough to keep your teeth healthy. I'm not being hypocritical in any way, I sincerely hope it will work. However, I just as sincerely believe that this recipe of yours, used daily over time, will damage your teeth: forget the lack of fluoride. Just the overly abrasive clay, combined with the hydrogen peroxide will permanently damage your tooth enamel. Hydrogen peroxide IS a bleaching agent, commonly used to whiten teeth, but (especially at this high concentration) it should just be used as a treatment course over 10-14 days, no more.

Regarding root canals, pulling the tooth rather than going through the expensive and delicate surgery is certainly an option many people choose (or are financially forced to choose). You are 100% correct that fluoride doesn't "kill cavities" (it strengthens the enamel which is our natural defense against cavities). And yes, sugar feeds the bacteria which cause cavities -- but commercial toothpaste does not cause cavities.


Reply 3 years ago

* fluoride

I don't know why my phone keeps messing up the word fluoride. Stupid smartphone. :)


3 years ago

Topical fluoride use in toothpastes has benefits that are backed by years of clinical research.

Constant use of abrasive toothpaste will only wear down your enamel and cause recession. Sure your teeth look white for now, but let's see what's left in a few years.

I hope people will rather choose toothpaste that is backed by rigorous research over some random concoction.

4 replies

Reply 3 years ago

Fluoride is a Neurotoxin used by the medical big pharma and dental industry to poison and dumb you down. It has NO benefits whatsoever and It atrophies and calcifies your Pineal gland among many other neurological damage it causes. Educate yourself instead of believing what they feed you with their controlled media.



Reply 3 years ago

Don't mix things up, I did say TOPICAL fluoride use. that's why you shouldn't give any kind of toothpaste to kids that might ingest it while brushing. Always read the label and see if it's appropriate for kids.

You should check this article :


Either believe in associations like the World Health Organization or keep on thinking that all dentists are conspiring to poison you so they can take over the world.

The information you read is as relevant as it's source!


Reply 3 years ago

Topical or systemic, its still a Fluoride. Same damaging effects.

I do not believe or trust WHO and I never said all dentists are conspiring to poison people. The problem is, most do not know and don't care to know the dangers of Fluoride and mercury amalgams as it could Jeopardize their profession and income. But there are dentist out there who are aware and do care and offer alternative dental services.

But the Best way to protect ones set of teeth is to avoid all forms of artificial/white sugar and everything that contains it. It is the worst legal drug there is and it is near impossible to avoid it.


Reply 3 years ago

Here is a link that explains exactly what type of Fluoride is in store bought toothpaste.

I agree with you that people have the right to educate themselves and use what they are comfortable sticking into their mouths.

I've been using this toothpaste for about 6 years.
If you don't want to try it, then don't.
Thanks for your comment!


3 years ago

Thank you for sharing this. I will definitely try it. :)