Easy Homemade Ultrasonic Humidifier for Less Than 10$



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While searching for a humidifier to use at home, I saw many cool mist ultrasonic humidifiers and wondered if I could build myself a cheap one. This is a homemade humidifier using an ultrasonic mist maker / fogger that I found online. It is an easy DIY humidifier project you can make for less than 10$. As you can see, it is very efficient!

Check the videos for a complete step-by-step guide for building this homemade humidifier or to see a quick test with the ultrasonic module.

These ultrasonic modules can make the perfect homemade fog machine. You can use these DIY humidifiers for your home. You can also use these mist makers to make a reptile fogger DIY or to add a smoke effect for your party and Halloween decorations.


Materials required for this homemade humidifier :

-Ultrasonic mist module and power supply (Amazon) (eBay.com, CA, UK, DE, FR) (Aliexpress)

-Computer Fan (Amazon) (eBay) (Aliexpress)

-DC connector plug female (Amazon) (eBay) (Aliexpress)

-Plastic bottle and tape


Click here to see a quick test with the ultrasonic module

Click here to see how to use this ultrasonic fogger to make a smoking pumpkin for Halloween


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Feel free to ask if you have a question. You can also read more about ultrasonic humidifiers and how they work on wikipedia.


Warning and disclaimer:

Experiment at your own risks. I am not responsible for any accidents or damages.

Step 1: Preparation of the Plastic Bottle

Get a plastic bottle like the one I’m using. Cut a hole that is about the size of the computer fan, near the top of the bottle. You can now insert the ultrasonic module through this hole.

Step 2: Fix the Fan to the Bottle

Place the fan over the hole. I fixed it using tape, but feel free to use glue for a more permanent solution.

Step 3: Connect Everything to the Power Supply.

Cut and strip the wires near the end of the ultrasonic device. Connect the ultrasonic module and the fan to the LED connector. You are now ready to fill the bottle and plug the power supply to enjoy your homemade humidifier!

Check the video or see my post on Science Improved for a complete step-by-step guide for building this humidifier.



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