Easy Hummus

Introduction: Easy Hummus

This guide will provide you with everything you need to know to make a quick and delicious hummus. Hummus is a middle eastern dip that has gained worldwide popularity. It is made from garbanzo beans, otherwise known as chickpeas. Hummus is usually eaten with bread or vegetables. This guide will provide you with simple information for a basic hummus that can be easily flavored to suit your preferences! Due to the use of potentially dangerous kitchen equipment this guide is intended for users age 12 and up, or with adult supervision.

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Step 1: Ingredients

From left to right (retail packages shown)

-Extra virgin olive oil

-Lemon Juice

-Paprika (top)

-Minced Garlic (bottom)

-Canned Garbanzo Beans (15oz)


Step 2: Cooking Supplies

From left to right

-Can Opener

-Measuring spoons

-Food Pocessor

- Paper Towels (back)

-Rubber spatula (front)


Step 3: Assembling the Food Processor

A food processor has 4 components

1. The base 2. The chopping bowl 3. The blade 4. The lid

Be careful when you are using a food processor. There are two main concerns when using a food processor. The blade is sharp and moves very fast. It is powered by electricity, which can be dangerous around water. Be sure to check for exposed wires or circuitry prior to operating the food processor.

    -Find a clear counter space for processing your food (ensure that the counter-top is dry).

    -Place the base unit for the processor on the counter top. Refer to picture 1 for correct orientation.

    -Place the chopping bowl on the base with the open end facing upward. Rotate the handle of the chopping bowl so that it faces straight toward the front of the unit and the safety switch on the base engages. You should hear a click when the safety switch engages. Refer to picture 2 for proper handle placement.

    -Grasp the blade by the white plastic portion, the sharp steel blade facing downward (refer to picture 2).Be careful of the blade, it is sharp! Next place the blade on the cylinder, in the middle of the chopping bowl. Rotate the blade until it falls flush with the bottom of the chopping bowl. Refer to picture 3 for how the blade should look when properly placed.

    -When it is time to chop the food you have put in the food processor, place the lid on the top and rotate counter clockwise until the safety switch is engaged. Make sure the chopping bowl is still rotated into proper position to fully engage the safety switch. If the safety switch is not fully engaged, the unit will not operate. Picture 4 shows the lid in the correct placement, and the unit ready to operate.

    -Plugging in the unit. For safety, use a circuit breaker (GFCI) plug whenever possible if you are operating kitchen appliances (refer to picture 5).

    Step 4: Mixing and Mashing Your Ingredients

    Basic Delicious Hummus Recipe!

    Add the following ingredients into the chopping bowl

    15 oz can of garbanzo beans (Give or take)

    2 tablespoons of olive oil

    4 tablespoons of tahini

    1 tablespoon of lemon juice

    one half tablespoon of minced garlic

    2 tablespoons of water from can of garbanzo beans

    -First, open the can of Garbanzo beans (chick peas). To open the garbanzo beans, attach the can opener to the top of the can with the gear and cutting mechanism facing the can. Depress one side of the lid once it is entirely separated from the can.

    - Once the can of Garbanzo beans has been opened, you will need to collect the colander and a bowl of equal or larger size. Rest the colander into the bowl and pour the Garbanzo beans into it. The goal is to use the water found within the can by straining it into the bowl underneath the colander. Once the beans have been correctly strained, collect 2 tablespoons of the drained liquid. The added liquid will give the hummus a better consistency.

    -Next, take the Garbanzo beans resting within the colander and carefully transfer them into the chopping bowl of the food processor (the rubber spatula may be helpful for this). For safety, make sure when adding the ingredients that the food processor is not plugged in.

    -Once the garbanzo beans are in the chopping bowl, you will be ready to add the ingredients! Look at the recipe at the top of the page and add all of the other ingredients. Be sure to wipe the measuring spoons with a paper towel after each new ingredient.

    - Once all of the ingredients are within the chopping bowl of the food processor, you will be ready to blend. Plug in the unit. For safety, use a circuit breaker (GFCI) plug whenever possible if you are operating kitchen appliances. Press the button on the food processor one half seconds at a time, 30 times

    Then hold it for 2 minutes until the hummus has the consistency of a paste.

    After following these steps and the hummus is of the right consistency, you will be ready to remove it from the bowl in the food processor. First unplug the unit. This is to avoid any accidents that may come from the button being pressed. Once the unit is off and safe you are ready to extract the contents from the food processor. A spatula will be useful for this. Follow these steps below.

    1. Undo the lid on the chopping bowl

    2. Remove the chopping bowl from the base

    3. Remove the blade from the chopping bowl

    4. Grasp the white plastic part of the blade.

    5. Using a rubber spatula carefully transfer the hummus from the blade to a storage container that can be covered

    6. Using the rubber spatula remove the hummus from the chopping bowl, transfer it to the container.

    Step 5:

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      3 years ago

      So easy to make. Will try this for sure. YUM!!!


      3 years ago

      This looks pretty simple to make. I've never actually had freshly-made hummus, so I'll have to give this a shot. Thanks for the recipe!