Easy Indoor Vertical Garden

Introduction: Easy Indoor Vertical Garden

Quick construction vertical garden

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Step 1: Parts & Construction


1* 12-pocket shoe hanger purchased from hawker by.

1* Packet of suitable zip locked packets.

12* Black planting sleeves (Available @ Stodels)

1-12* Indoor Plants(i forgot what mine were called,sorry)

1 * Amazing girlfriend and artist (http://matinino.co.za/) to intricately decorate pockets with a white paint marker.

Place plant sleeves into zip baggies before or after planting suitable plants.

Zip bags catch excess water.

Use suitable absorbent soil such as a hanging plant mix.

Slide plants into pockets. Hang vertical garden. Water. Stand back and marvel at its simplistic beauty!

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    4 years ago

    I've always loved how these look and wonder how the plants grow! Do you find they grow well in the plastic bags?