Easy Inexpensive Mug Gift



this is a great inexpensive gift that would be great as a hostess gift or for the people in your office.

Step 1: Gatther Supplies

all of these items (except the kahlua) I purchased at the local dollar tree!
-a Christmas themed mug
-box of hot cocoa (individual packs)
-box of candy canes (individually wrapped)
- tissue paper
- cello bags
-individual kahlua shot bottles (skip this step if not 21yrs old)

Step 2: Build Your Mug

place crumpled up tissue paper in bottom of mug, then place hot cocoa package in mug. next add one or two candy canes in the mug(I used a twist tie to hold two candy canes together) and last but not least the kahlua!

Step 3: Finish It Up

Simply put your your complete mug in side a cello bag and tie with ribbon or twist tie!

Step 4: VIOLLA Simple Gift!

Now you have an easy, personal gift! I like to give the mugs along side some homemade cookies, after all who doesn't love some cookies and hot cocoa for the Hollidays!!



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