Easy Iron Man Helmet

Introduction: Easy Iron Man Helmet

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In this instructable, i will be showing how to easily make. And wear an iron man helmet. This is great for parties or to just show off in front of your friends.
1. Paper
2. A computer
a. With a printer
3. A very sharp pointy knife (i use xacto)
4. A cutting board ( Ebay is your friend)
5. Super glue. (any will do it just needs to hold the paper, you could use a hot glue gun, i find super glue better.)
6. Time, this does take time so you better clear your schedule.

Step 1: Find Pepakura!

First search the web for a program called "pepakura". This is a free download on your computer which really helps for future projects.
1. Start up google and search for pepakura. (from tamasoft)
2. Click the download button on the left hand side with the picture of a computer.
3. After that click pepakura designer, the first one in the list.
4. Now click the button that says pepakura designer ver. 3.1.3 installer
5. wait for it to download, it should appear in the bottom left of the computer screen.
6. This will be added to the home screen next to all of the other apps.
7. There you go you now have papakura :)

Step 2: Search the Web Again. :)

In this step you will need to look around (forums help a lot) to find the right type of helmet that you want.
1. After searching just find a forum and follow the links until you find a helmet that you like.
2. Now download this and if you want you can download 2 it doesnt even have to be iron man.
3. I recommend saving this to a flash drive so u can go to any computer and print it.

Step 3: Get Started on the Designing.

1. Now open pepakura designer. Once this is open click "file" in the upper left hand corner.
2. After hitting file click "open"
3. A smaller screen will open up if the file you are looking for does not appear right away, depending on where you saved the helmet (flash drive recommended or just on the computer) click the computer button.
4. And go to removable disk.
5. Now click the folder holding the files
6. Click the file you would like(helmet)
7. Now the small screen disappears and the helmet appears.

Step 4: Scaling and Moving :)

Now when you print the helmet it will probably not fit your head so lets change that. I made one with out changing the size and it didn't fit. The next one i made is a scale factor of 1.2 and it looks good.
1. Measure the distance between your ears in millimeters(a straight measure not curved)
2. Next measure from your chin to the top of your head.
3. Now go to the "2D" menu on the top bar in pepakura and click change scale near the bottom. And enter ear to ear as the width and chin to head to for height.
4. Or you can just change the scale factor and that changes the height, width, etc(this is the best option)
5. Also make sure you ad a couple of centimeters just in case you want padding.
Now moving the pieces
1. Once the pieces are the correct size you will notice they do not fit into the squares.
2. Now comes the fun part you will have move each individual parts until they all fit inside the squares(this represents the paper the design prints onto.
3. Some parts are to big to fit in the square and you will have to cut them. To do this right click on the right hand side of the screen and click join/disjoin face. Now zoom in to the piece that doesn't fit and i recommend just cutting it in half. You will see a green line to help guide you.
4. Now just keep moving them into the right positions and you are good.

Step 5: Printing :)

1. Now just find some heavy cardstock paper (staples, office max maybe Walmart)
2. Hook your computer to the printer but dont hit print yet.
3. Go back to the 2D menu and click show flaps and show edge ID.
4. Note that if you did not buy the designer and you just got the free version you will not be able to SAVE so make sure you have it the way you want it to be.
5. If you are happy with the way it looks then go to the settings-print and paper settings, and change the paper size to what you have(i use size "letter" and orientation to "Landscape you may want to change some other things depending on how you feel.
6. Next go to file hit file-print preview and finally print.

Step 6: Cutting

Now this part is pretty simple all you have to do is cut out the pieces and be sure to batch then with the pieces they connect to (the little numbers on the tabs match with the same number).

Be sure not to cut them all out at once this will become way too confusing and you may just give up.

Just search your stack of papers for two parts that align cut them then glue them.

And that's about it.

Step 7: Glueing

Once you have the parts cut out that you desire just buy some super glue from your local Walmart

Fold on the little dotted lines, -.-.- means valley fold or fold the piece up and, ---- means mountain fold or fold the piece down.

Once folded tuck the tabs "under" the other paper and glue them together. (the tabs always go under the other paper never over!)

Hold the part together until you believe they are stuck together real good.

And that's that, just continue putting all of the parts together until the helmet is finished.

Step 8: Finished Project

And Ta Da your project is complete. Now is the best time of all, showing of your creation to the world so they all can be jealous of your masterpiece.

You can even paint it at this point, i decided to spray it with a dusting of black heavy in the back light on the front.

Thank you for reading this and i would love to see some of the things you guys make. Hope it's something good :)

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