Easy (Italian) Tomato Sauce

Introduction: Easy (Italian) Tomato Sauce

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These are enough for 1, max 2 people:

Tomato sauce: 1 can
Fresh onion: a half
Olive oil: 2 tablespoons


This is a very very easy sauce and though, a very very typical sauce to dress pasta. (Actually, it's also my favorite.)

Start with putting in a medium or large pan the 2 tablespoons of oil.

Chop or slice the onion and put it into the pan with cold oil.

Add one or two pinches of salt, mix and turn on the stove (medium or low flame).
Let the onion get gently soft and almost stewed. This part of our sauce is called "soffritto".

When the onion looks soft, add your tomato sauce, stir a bit and add one or two pinches of sugar, a pair of basil leaves and salt. I cannot say how much salt, because you always need to taste the sauce. It must be tasty, so don't be afraid with salt.

Now just let your sauce gently cook, you can choose to cover it with a lid or not. If not covered, be careful that not all the tomato's water evaporates and burns the sauce, in case of excessive evaporation, add some water (and salt).

Passed about 20 mins your sauce should be ready. I love it very very concentrate, but someone prefers it a bit more liquid, so it's on your preferences!
Add some basil leaves more, stir a bit, done!

Now your pasta can lovely swim in this awesome tomato sauce!

Enjoy it!


A generous dose of Parmesan will be perfect on your pasta, but I love it also with diced mozzarella, and tomato sauce+diced mozzarella is called "pasta alla sorrentina".

If you prefer, you can do the same version of this sauce with garlic instead of onion. The proceeding it's the same, just be careful not to burn the garlic.

If you want, you can cook the sauce and the pasta at the same time: start with boiling water for the pasta about 10 mins after you turned your sauce on.

If not, there is no problem also if you want to freeze your sauce: I always do it and then I simply melt my sauce in the microwave.

You can also maintain this sauce in jars, just be sure to follow the hygienic rules needed for this type of conservation.

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