Easy Knitted Hair Bow

This hair bow is super cute and stylish. Plus, its really easy!

Step 1: Yarn

Before we begin, this was not my original pattern and idea. I got it from this website and wanted to share it with the instructables world. The yarn to use is worsted weight. This design is very flexible and you can change the number of stitches and rows for a larger or smaller bow.

Step 2: Needles

We are going to use US size 8 or 5 mm knitting needles.

Step 3: The Pattern

The bow is basically made up of two pieces. The main piece, and the loop. We'll start with the main piece. The pattern for the main piece is:

Cast on 13 stitches.

Work in seed stitch* until work measures 5.5 inches.

Bind off in pattern.

With my yarn it took about 35 rows.

The pattern for the loop is:

Cast on 5 stitches.

Work in seed stitch* until work measures 3 inches.

Bind off in pattern.

It took me about 15 rows.

*Note: To do seed stitch first knit a stitch than pearl a stitch. Repeat till you get to the end of your row. Now knit the pearls and pearl the knits.


18sts and 24 rows = 4”

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Weave in or tie off the ends of each piece. Sew the loop around the other piece. Add a hair accessory and enjoy.



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