Easy LED Clip-on (LED Clippie)




Introduction: Easy LED Clip-on (LED Clippie)

The LED Clip-on is inspired by the LED Throwie and LED Floatie instructables already available. These were made during our Summer LED Build Night as a cheap and easy to build sneaker clip for kids to wear but developed into other things as people attached them to collars, headbands, purses, and other things. The required items to make the clip can all be seen in the last picture and are listed below:

Required materials:

Electrical Tape

Coin Cell 3V

Binder Clip


Piece of cardstock (index card)

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Step 1: Material Preparation

Cut a short length of electrical tape long enough to completely cover the interior of the binder clip and curl over to the outside slightly.

Hold the tape so the sticky side is out as pictured and push it into the bottom of the binder clip until it sticks.

Use the battery to push the tape into the corners so the inside is totally covered and the battery isn't shorted by the binder clip.

Step 2: Assembly Instructions

Insert the cardstock (sticking out the side of the clip) between the + terminal (flat side) of the battery and the binder clip if you want to be able to turn the LED on/off.

Insert the LED into the end of the binder clip with the cardstock between the longer lead and the battery. This will leave a longer length of the LED sticking out of the binder clip if a shorter length is desired simply bend over the length that is visible between the clip and the LED.

To turn on the LED just squeeze the binder clip slightly and pull out the cardstock.

Step 3: Long and Short LED Clip

The two pictures indicate both the short and long versions of the LED clip. Enjoy this easy accent for kids and adults to wear. This can make kids easier to keep track of at evening events like fireworks, and ballgames.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea! Could be very useful for night joggers and trick-or-treaters and such.

    Why not "LED Clippie" to match the style of the other two versions? :)