Easy LEGO IPod Dock




Introduction: Easy LEGO IPod Dock

this is a fairly simple design for a lego ipod dock that fits most ipods. this design was actually hodge-podged from peices laying around so most of them can be substituted to make it sturdier.

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Step 1: Parts

you will need the following LEGO peices.

1x "8x8" THIN base
2x "2x6" THIN brick
5x "2x4" THIN brick***
2x "1x1" THIN dot brick"
1x "1x6" THIN brick***
6x "2x2" regular or slanted brick (i used slanted)
1x "2x4" regular brick
3x "1x4" regular brick
1x "1x8" regular brick
2x "1x6" regular brick
1x specialty fence brick or 1x4 THIN brick... either work

and will also need the followng

1x "iPod dock cable
2x folded paper (these can be made easily with a little trial and error)
1x zip-tie

*** these i actually used different parts for... i listed the ones that would make it the most sturdy***

Step 2: Prep

add a zip-tie around your ipod connector so the release buttons are held down firmly

Step 3: The Bottom Parts

now lets start... the pieces next to the base will be used in the next step/picture

pic 1. start with the two dot pieces and place them on the back evenly spaced...

pic 2. place two of the slanted pieces on the outer edges and place the fence piece on top of the dot pieces

pic 3. take 4 of the 2x4 thin pieces and stack them into two piles of two. place where pictured

pic 4. put the 1x8 piece over the two slanted pieces and then put a 2x4 thin on top of the 2x4 regular and put where pictured and put the two 1x4 pieces on the outer edges where pictured

Step 4: The Upper Levels

pic 1. add the 2x2 slants where pictured

pic 2. put the 1x6 thin piece on top of the 1x6 regular piece. i hodge-podged this part

pic 3. stack the 1x4 piece on top of the center of the other 1x6 piece and put on the very front.

pic 4. place the two 2x6 thin pieces where pictured.

DONE! now time to add the dock connector.

Step 5: Adding the Dock

pic 1. completed without the dock

pic 2. remove the fence piece and the two 2x6 thin pieces

pic 3. remove the 2x6 and 2x6 thin combo and the 1x8

pic 4. lay the dock cable down where pictured and then put the fence piece back on top of the dot pieces

pic 5. add the 2x6 combo and the 1x8 back where they were originally.

pic 6. add the paper shims on both sides

pic 7. add 2x6 thin pieces back


the final product is a somewhat sturdy dock that can be easily rebuilt

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    5 Discussions


    6 years ago

    instead of using paper use these it doesnt topple at all

    13, 2:37 PM.jpg

    10 years ago on Step 2

     you don't have to do that any more, the new dock connectors don't have release buttons.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    yeah, i don't like them very much. they come out too easily when i'm using it as a cable, and stick too much when they're in a dock =/


    10 years ago on Step 2

     BTW, great instructable, helped alot =D