Easy Leather Floor Protection




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I recently moved into a place with actual hardwood floors from 1930s, and my landlord does not play when it come to floor protection. I had some scrap leather laying around so I started padding my shelving temporarily with them but decided to make a more permanent solution. I could buy rubber/felt pads but the leather works really nicely as padding and I like the aesthetic.

This would've taken all of 5 minutes if I hadn't paused to take photos.

Step 1: Supplies

Elfa Shelving from the container store. See pointy scratchy feet


scrap leather - try using a thinner leather like 3-4 oz because I feel like the thicker leather wouldn't wrap well around the feet


Step 2: Glue + Apply

I used a craft stick to apply e6000 to the fuzzy side to he leather, and held it for 10 seconds to secure before allowing to cure. I experimented with both circle and rectangular shapes before applying the glue and decided I like the rectangles better.

Step 3: Let Cure, ENJOY



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