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Introduction: Easy Led Collar

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Easy to make LED collar for you and your pets.

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Step 1: Materials

1.Rainbow Flashing 5mm or 10 mm LEDs

2. Dog collar (for you and or your dog ) Or Rubber band collar for cat

3.silver AWG #24 single core wire ( making loop for 3v battery holder ) , or you can use LED leg

4. Stainless Thin Conductive Thread + needle, but you can use silver AWG #24 multi core wire

5. 3v Battery holder

Step 2: Prepare LED for Sewing

Bend and make a loop for each leg.

Step 3: Prepare Battery Holder for Sewing

Bend it legs flat and solder it with the the wire loop

Step 4: Start Sewing

Place LEDs and Sew all parts on the collar , i start sewing it at each position first, then connect them later.

And please keep the LED polarity on the same side.

Step 5: Finish

Put the 3v battery in the battery holder, then you get the LED Collar to wear it yourself or put it on your pet.

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