Easy Lego Phone Stand

Introduction: Easy Lego Phone Stand

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Yesterday I got an app for making stop motion films, and my dad was teaching me the basics. He asked if we had any Play-Dough, but we didn't. So he came up with this wonderful idea! He's a genius! And today I'm going to show you how to make this super simple stand!

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Step 1: Gather the LEGOS

You will need...
•3 8x1's
•1 8x8
•1 11x1 w/ holes
•1 4x1 w/ holes
•1 flat 6x1

Step 2: First Build

Put one of your 8x1's on the 8x8.

Step 3: Next Build

Place the 11x1 on top of the 8x1.

Step 4: Next Next Build

Place another 8x1 on the 11x1.

Step 5: After That...

Place the last 8x1 two pegs away from the first few builds as shown.

Step 6: Place the Light Gray One

Now, on top of the block you just placed, place the 4x1 on the last step.

Step 7: Final Touch

Finally, place the flat piece on the 4x1.

Step 8: Ta Da!

Now you're done! You have a really easy, simple stand! You can also place the phone upright!

Step 9: Take Some Pictures!

I am in the process of making my first stop motion film, so I'm using this cool stand! I will also use it to make my future 'ibles. Enjoy and comment on what my next build should be=)

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    6 weeks ago

    Does this stand work for all model of phones? I have an I phone but would it work for an android? Or could I use it for my iPad?