Easy Light Box





Introduction: Easy Light Box

An inexpensive Lightbox made from items purchased localy.

Step 1: List of Materials

Storage box with clear, flat plastic lid
One 100 mini Christmas lights strand
Aluminum foil

Step 2: Put It Together

Line the inside of the plastic box with foil. Arrange the lights in the box, leaving the plug on the outside.
Close the lid.
Plug in the box and start tracing your designs.



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    11 Discussions

    A BIG THANK YOU!! As a person who is intent on saving money while exploring the many wonderful ideas on this site, I will be poor if I purchase all the required materials! Easily set up and deconstructed if you need to also save workspace. Pardon the pun, but this idea s BRILLIANT.

    1 reply

    Most of the time, the point of making it yourself is to save $$!
    Thanks for the encouraging comment!


    2 years ago

    As there are spots of intense light and areas of less... Wouldn't it be nice to use a sheet of acrylic/plexiglass to diffuse the LED spots a bit?

    2 replies

    It was considered, but would add more steps and cost. MY concern was that the lower intense portions would not be enough to illuminate the image, but they are.
    One could add more lights to the box. This would make it brighter and more even.
    Thanks for the suggestion! If you make one with plexiglass, please post s picture.

    Thank you! I had hoped I would be helpful! ^^
    Maybe I'm crafting a box like yours this year ;)


    2 years ago

    On second inspection, they are LEDs.
    In testing with incondesent lights, the thermometer reads 124 degrees F after an hour. So for long periods of use, go with the LEDs.

    I can't see from the pictures, But those lights are LED's right?

    2 replies

    No, but I'm sure LEDs would work too.

    SO doesn't it get too hot with incandescent bulbs?

    Simple, inexpensive, and easy to assemble even for a child. Well done. Come back and give us more ideas!

    Really great idea! And those lights are easy to find this time of year!