Easy Linguine With Mussels!!!



Introduction: Easy Linguine With Mussels!!!

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Here is one of my favorite pasta recipes that i made one time when i was very hungry and had limited food supplies...
What you need:

1.-   One or two boxes of Linguine (any brand and depending how many servings you will make)
One box of Barilla Linguine serves 4
2.-   Mussels any kind but i prefer Mussels Smoked in Oil because of the taste... (a 7oz small jar will suffice but always you can use   more if you`d like                             
3.-   Rosemary Leaves (small amount)
4.-   Salt (half a spoon)
5.-   Granulated garlic or fresh chopped garlic 
6.-   Olive oil (small amount)
7.-   One or two fresh Lemons 
8.-   Sesame breadsticks (if available)
9.-   Parsley fresh or flakes 
10.- Parmesan Cheese 

Preparation time:   25 mins Max

First boil the water, when boiled add two spoons of olive oil, half a spoon of Salt or more if you`d like, couple rosemary leaves and parsley.
Let it boil for two minutes, then add the Linguine and cover the pot for 5 minutes ONLY!!!, then remove the cover and let it cook in medium for 15 more minutes. Keep an eye on the linguine and stir every minute or so!!!
Once done rinse the linguine and serve on plate, add the mussels and also add the oil in it (small amount per serving), add the lemon juice then add the fresh parsley and parmesan cheese Or any preferred choice.
I added two sesame breadsticks for decoration and also it tastes good with the smoked oil of the mussels.

You can always add or remove any ingredient from this recipe but this is an easy and tasty meal for either a romantic meal or a family reunion!!
It can be accompanied with some White wine as well...

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