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Perfect for knitting beginners. Something to make with all your knitted practice squares once you've mastered the cast on and cast off?

You can use any method to knit the squares, stocking stitch, garter stitch, moss stitch, garter stitch, cables etc

This is not an instruction for making the knitted squares but an Instructable for what you can make from the knitted squares that you have already made.

I made this some years ago and had a number of requests for the 'how to' from my knitting 'students'. This one is for you all, especially my daughter-in-law, Amber

I was going to add a knit and purl Instructables, but someone already has and I can't improve on it. It's really good - See here

Step 1: You Will Need

  • 2 x ready knitted squares, need to be same size
  • A felt triangle in orange or yellow for a beak
  • A length of ribbon for a crown
  • A piece of lace or fringe for tail feathers (optional)
  • 2 x buttons, they don’t have to match, but they need to be similar in size
  • Stuffing

Step 2: ​Take Your Knitted Work

Take your knitted work, fold in half to make a triangle, whilst on the needles, if your work folds into an almost perfect triangle, you have a square.

You need two of these

Step 3: Lay Flat, Sew on Buttons

Lay each square flat and sew a button (eye) onto the top corner of the cast off edge of side 1 and 2 as shown

Step 4: Pin on Felt Triangle and Ribbon

  1. Pin the felt triangle to the edge under the button eye as shown
  2. Fan the ribbon and pin this above the button as shown
  3. Once you have pinned on the beak and crown (ribbon), lay the other knitted square on top ensuring the buttons (eyes) match up.
  4. Sew up row ends and the two cast off edges, leave the cast on edges open for turning right sides out and stuffing.

Step 5: Turn Right Side Out, Stuff and Finish

Turn right side out and stuff your funky chicken through the open edge with the cast on rows.

Once you have stuffed your chicken, turn so the open end faces you ensuring that both seams of the already sewn up edges are in the middle

Pin in your lace or fringe before sewing up the opening if you have chosen to use some or simply sew up the open seam and finish

And there you have it!

One Funky Chicken



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