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Introduction: Easy Make Portable Photo Scan Box

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I glad to say it this my first invention for this site.

This is very easy to make and low cost!!! even you can made them with old circuit part & cardboards!!! Also it was very useful to me 'cause I cannot carry my scanner always!!

Step 1: Requirements

There is only few things you should find to make this.

  • 1w 8mm Strawhat LED x 4
  • Copper wires: 2-3 meters
  • 100k variable resistor x 1
  • 3.7v Lithium - ion or Lithium - polymer battery x 1
  • Cardboard box x 1 or 2 (depends on the size)
  • White and black A4 sheets or any kind of white and black papers
  • 26/6 staples and compatible Stepler
  • Selo tapes or masking tapes
  • Glue
  • A Scissor
  • A paper Cutter
  • A Digital Camera (or DSLR Camera)

All these things are very easy to find! you can order them from ebay.com

or as I mentioned above, you can use old circuit parts.

Step 2: Make the Cardboard Box

First you have to cut the box from a edge and remove all unnecessary parts of the box!!!

If there any printed logos or something, use that side for inside. 'cause we gonna past some white papers to inside some no one able to see those logos or texts.

Then start to make box;

  • I include a image diagram but you don't want to follow that cause it just a rough idea.
  • However you have to make with your own measurement because you camera may be different. as example I use 20cm Height and 30 cm weight.
  • The box is bottom less. So we need to make a Bottom Board. It must larger than the box top. it's also needed to be covered by white paper for a better view.
  • Also you have to make a lens hood to reduce the lens flare.
  • Then before attach all thing cover side parts with white papers and if possible cover top part and lens hood with black papers.(Using glue)
  • Then attach the lens hood to top part (by lens holes using glue)
  • then attach the box. (using Staplers)

Step 3: Include LEDs and Dimmer

Then we have to fix the LED circuit. it's very easy.

  • First set LEDs to LED holes
  • Wire up the LEDs ( Use 2 colors of wire then you can easily recognize the (+) and (-).
  • connect the 100k VR to (+) with the legs as I mentioned in above diagram.
  • Fix the VR the Nuts to top part.
  • Then connect the battery to correct wires.
  • Finishing is depend on you.
  • you can Spray black to outside.

Step 4: Done! :)


  • I only use Fill light effect on this. You can be smart and make it to color balance with RGB LEDS. In that case you have to use 4 LED from each Color (RED, Blue, GREEN) and Have to include dimmer (100k VR) for each color.
  • If you gonna use a DSLR, you don't have to use a lens hood 'cause most of lenses has a lens hood itself. and use 18 mm - 55 mm lens if you gonna use a DSLR. And box must be 30cm high.
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