Easy Messy Curly Braided Hair

Introduction: Easy Messy Curly Braided Hair

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I've alway had short hair, but now it's finally grown I've been experimenting. This is by far my favourite and easiest style. All you need is, curlers, a brush, a big grip, pins and hair spray.

Step 1: Curlers!

By far the easiest step. Turn your curlers on and let them heat up!

Step 2: Curling!

Brush your hair well and the deprecate a small amount. Twist it loosely then carefully curl it as far up as you can. Hold for about 10 seconds and then let it drop. Make sure you curl your hair in sections using a grip to hold the excess in place.

Step 3: Separating!

When you've curled all your hair run your fingers the rough it or a comb to separate and in twist the curls. And there you go! Pretty mermaid style curles!

Step 4: Plaiting!

Take two sections of hair at the front. Plait each one. You should end up with two plaits at either side of your face. Then give the hair on the crown of your head a quick back comb for volume.

Step 5: Finish!

Take one of your plaits and pull it around the back of your head, pin it in place securely (I cross over my clips) then take the other and do the same. Just tuck the ends in to hide them and secure. Done. Easy peasey and very pretty.

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