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Introduction: Easy Metal Foundry

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This is a easy way to start out melting medal. Uses very few parts and Is cheep to make.

Step 1: Materials

All fittings are 1/2". Make sure all your pvc is schedule 40. The metal pipe is 6" and the pvc coupling is a 22.5 degrees, 1/2" pvc slip to thread coupling. 1/2" metal threaded coupling. You will need at least 2' of 1/2 pvc pipe. You will also need a hairdryer( go to goodwill. They have tons for 3$). Tape or rubber coupling, Small retaining wall blocks, PVC glue/primer, Shovel, and handsaw.

Step 2: The Pit

You just need to make a pit. You need to be able to lay down 2 small retaining wall bricks and you have to dig a small hole in the middle for you air supply. Then dig a small trench at an angle up to the ground. Your pit only needs to be a 1" to 1 1/2" deep. Try to place your foundry somewhere where you can get electricity from an extension cord. Otherwise you will not be able to run your hairdryer. Also make sure you are not near anything flammable.

Step 3: Air Supply

Take short piece of pvc pipe and glue to angle coupling. Glue other side to pvc slip to thread coupling. Thread medal pipe into the medal 90 then thread into pvc. Thaler at least 2' of pvc pipe( may need more depending on how deep you made your pit) and glue into angled coupling. Place in pit and burry the metal pipe until about an inch is abound the bottom of brick.

Step 4: Placing the Bricks

Just place them in the pit neatly

Step 5: Finishing Up

Connect hairdryer to end of pipe and pit charcoal in and start melting. For a curable I went to goodwill and got a small stainless steel mixing bowl. For lid I cut a pancake air compressor tank in half and tied a cable on it to lift it up. You can use anything you can find. I just happened to have the air compressor tank around. Make sure the lid is steel or stainless steel. Always wear long pants, long sleeve shirt, safety gloves and glasses. And have closed toe shoes on. Be safe!!!

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    3 years ago

    Very good scrounging for parts of the foundry, keep an eye out for leather scraps too, they make good coverlet chaps for the feet if boots are not affordable- in many parts of the world boots are a luxury item way out of financial reach. ☺