Easy Michael Jackson on Guitar: "Beat It"





Introduction: Easy Michael Jackson on Guitar: "Beat It"

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Michael Jackson was a bit weird, but aren't we all? I like a few of his songs. I also made an instructable on how to play "Smooth Criminal" (another one of his songs.) Beat it is pretty easy. You just have to play the intro twice, and then the other part of the riff over and over. It is pretty simple. If you need to learn how to read tab (tableture) look at my other instructable, "Easy Eminem on Guitar."

-----------0----------------------------0-----------------------                   play this twice......

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------    then play this ,
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------   over and over



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    10 Discussions

    it is, but it shows you how to perform a task. not all instructables are on how to physically make something.

    There isn't anything being shown: no fingers on the frets etc. What time-signature do you use?


    it desnt take a genius to figure out where his fingers feel most comfortable playing the specific frets

    -so what is anyone to learn from this that they couldn't find already on the internet?
    Do you even know what key it should be played in?


    Yes man, but you are supposed to teach people something.
    Moving bits of the internet about and rearranging things on a new page doesn't show someone how to perform music.


    if I showed somebody this page, they would understand how to play the main riffs in "beat it." they could then (with some practice) perform it

    Yes but the purpose of an Instructable is to show someone how to do it.
    I can pick up tabs off the internet easily.


    this is showing them how to do it, in the best sounding way (my opinion) the other tabs online dont sound as goood as this one