Easy Mini Flip Flop




Introduction: Easy Mini Flip Flop

Do you like flip flops? I love them. :) So I made a smaller one for a key ring.

Step 1: Beginning

For the first. You need: -glue

-felt material

-some saten ribbon

Draw a shoe base on a single sheet . Then cut out the shape. Draw the shape over the felt material twice. One kind color as the top of the shoe should be and an other kind color it will be the bottom of the flip flop. From the color that will be the bottom , you do not need to cut out two.

Step 2: Straps

You need a small square shaped paper. Fold in half along the peaks.

Draw a line pair is as shown in the picture.Then cut samples in a folded paper out of the felt material. Mark the location of each leg of the strap . Then glue them there. Stick to the bottom of the second cut-out basis .

Step 3: Soles

Glue the front of the rim . But if you want a more durable slipper sewn there . The bottom of the shoe stuck onto the felt and cut thick to be good . So it will be a little more durable.

Step 4:

When you have the shoe you by the nose to make a hole. I used leather punch , but you do not have anyone else who can punch . A piece of tape cut from the two ends with a knot . It is passed on through the hole you just created yourself. Leave a loop , do not drag it completely tied into the loop and pull the other end of the strip . Are you ready to suspend slippers . You just need to suspend to your key .

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