Easy Miniature 3D Printed House and Doll

I love miniatures, and so when I saw this contest, I thought of the project I just finished working on. It's pretty basic, as long as you have the proper supplies. It combines some of my favorite things: technology and miniatures. Note that when reading measurements, your measurements don't have to be precise, they are meant to be simply guidelines. So here's my project:

Step 1: the Doll - Supplies

I showed two of the dolls I made above. (Ignore how scratched up my desk is.) They are about 1 inch tall. For the miniature doll, you will need:

- A bead - For the head. I used a plastic bead that young kids might put on bracelets, but the video shows a wooden bead. Do what you want. :)

- A marker - Simply for making the face.

- Yarn - For the body and arms/legs. Feel free to use two different colors.

- Needle - No sewing is required, the needle will just be used to get you started.

- Thread - For at the beginning and later on to tie the body, arms, and legs. I suggest white.

- Felt - For the skirt. You can use plain colors or patterns, but I personally prefer patterns.

- Hot glue - For hot gluing the hair to the head and gluing the skirt on.

Step 2: the Doll - Putting It Together

You'll see in the video, that the person who created these dolls braided the hair. My yarn strands didn't have enough to braid, so I just left her hair down. I added this youtube video because I feel like it gives a really good step by step on how to make these dolls. So even if you don't care for watching youtube videos on an Instructable, I would still suggest it, because it has clear instructions that don't skip over anything.

Step 3: Now That You Have Your Doll, We're on to the House!

What you need:

- 3D printer - My school has a 3D printer, so I just used the one there.

- 3D printing software - I used Tinkercad. Found at this link: https://www.tinkercad.com

Step 4: Design Your House!

Design your house however you would like. I placed screenshots above so that you can see what I did if you need ideas. Each floor has the same dimensions. Comment if you need more pictures for ideas!

(Note: The numbers in the images are millimeters)

Step 5: Print It!

When you have finished designing your house, print it! I printed mine in white. This helped it to be more basic, which will become useful if you decide to decorate.

Step 6: Add Decorations!

If you noticed, my house is really basic. I decided to decorate it so that it was not the simple plain color it printed as.

I've created a little felt cat with a cat bed, as shown above, that I put in my house. (see how in next step)

I also used some fabric for a bedspread.

It can be difficult to find miniature plates for this small of a doll without using polymer clay, but I've found that small buttons work just fine.

I used some colored paper, some white paper, and a staple to create a mini book. If you are not sure how to make books like this, you can always use 1:48 scale printables. You can just find these by searching them online.

Another idea is using some legos. I've found that the combs and brushes work quite well for this size.

Step 7: Cat!

To make the cat and its bed, you will need:

- Felt for the bed - Use something colorful or patterned.

- Felt for the cat - I suggest using grey, brown, white, or orange, cat colors.

- Sharpie or pen - For eyes and nose.

- Needle and thread - For whiskers. I used white.

- Foam for cat's ears - Try similar colors to what you used for the body.

- Hot glue

Step 8: The Cat's Body

To make the cat's body, start out with two small pieces of cat colored felt. Hot glue the two pieces together. Don't use too much hot glue. Then cut out a cat's body shape from the two pieces. The cat's body should be about .5 inches tall.

Step 9: The Cat's Ears and Face

Use the pen to draw a small nose and two eyes. Then take the needle and thread. Push the needle into the felt on one side of the nose, and pull it out on the other. Be sure to not push the needle all the way through both pieces of felt. Trim both sides until you are happy with the length of your whiskers. now take the foam and cut two tiny triangles from it. Hot glue them to the top of your cat's head. Make sure that you just use a tiny bit of hot glue. I used tweezers to help place them. It helps you not to burn your fingers. Now you have your cat!

Step 10: Cat Bed

Now take your patterned/colorful felt that you want for your cat bed. Cut a small strip about 1/4 of an inch wide and 1.5 inches (or less) long. Hot glue the strip's ends together so that it makes a ring. Hot glue the bottom of the ring onto a small square of fabric, large enough to cover the entire bottom. When the hot glue dries, trim the excess felt. You now have a cat and its bed!

Step 11: Conclusion

I really enjoyed making this instructable for my first one! Please comment what you did differently, what you found worked better, and what you thought of my first instructable! I'd love to see how you designed your doll and house!



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