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Introduction: Easy Minnie Mouse Cake

About: I'm a kindergarten teacher who loves to bake!

Need to make a quick and easy Minnie Mouse cake for any occasion!  This instructable will tell you how!

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Cake (from scratch or a box)  - 1 9" round and 1 6" round
Fondant (homemade or bought)
Butter cream frosting (homemade or bought)
Rolling pin
Vodka (yes vodka)
Food coloring (I use Wilton gels)
Shot glass
Coffee Mug
Decorating Tips
Wired pink ribbon
paint brush
Wax paper
Cake board (10" round)
Decorating bag and tips

Step 2: Make the Cake

Bake a 9" round cake then freeze it, once your cake is frozen you can spread your butter cream frosting very easily and evenly.  Much easier than frosting the cake at room temp.

For the bottom of this cake, I used white butter cream.  I'd give you my recipe but it's a guarded secret.  ;-)

For the second lay bake a 6" round cake, freeze it, then frost is a lovely pink. 

To make your butter cream frosting pink - add a dash of red and smidgen of black.  The black will deepen the color but you barely wat to use any. 

Step 3: Fondant Flair

Roll out your fondant evenly.  To make my circles I got creative.  The larger ears were made pressing a coffee cup down into the fondant.  The medium circles were made with a shot glass and the tinny circles were created using one of my decorating tips.   You can pick up the fondant and smooth the edges, I was in a hurry and skipped this step, but it can easily be done.

Step 4: Paint the Fondant

Now you need to paint your fondant.  Yes, you could dye your fondant while you make it, however, I prefer painting it because the colors are richer.

To make your dye flow and get the rick color on you need to mix up your "paint"

Teaspoon of vodka and enough food coloring (in this case black) to make the liquid look black.

Do not freak out!!  The vodka will evaporate, the alcohol will not be left you will not be given small children a buzz.

Take your paint brush and brush on the liquid black, let this dry completely before serving (see above for why)

Step 5: Minnie Your Mouse

Place your black ears on the back of the mouse make sure they sick out of the top.  Take your white fondant circles and place them around the pink top cake.

Use your ribbon with wire to go around the bottom of the cake and tie a bow.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Pipe around the top tier of the cake.  On the white part of the cake create a small Minnie Face with a medium circle and two small circles.  Pipe a bow on the top.  Pipe on your saying.

I wound up making a second 6" cake for this birthday party in a different flavor, I decorated it very similarly.

Any questions ask away!

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    4 years ago

    This is so cute! I have to try this one day :)