Easy Multi Holiday DIY Decor




Introduction: Easy Multi Holiday DIY Decor

This is a Fun, Fast and
EASY holiday craft that wont break the bank.

The big bonus...It's
reversible so you get multiple holiday use out of it!

( I made 2 sets so the
above pic shows both sides)

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Step 1: Supplies

Items Required: Mod Podge, Wooden Cubes (available at any Craft
Store or ask Lowes to cute a 2" x 2" x 6' stick for you into cubes)
Patterned paper cut into cute shape (I used my Cricut) and Vinyl
Lettering (I used my Cricut, you can also buy letter stickers at ANY craft

Step 2: Prep Your Cubes

Paint your wooden cubes

(I used white Valspar spray
paint but you could use any color or type of paint you like)

Step 3: Mod Podge Your Paper

Next get out your Mod Podge
and liberally apply it to one side of the cube

Now Apply a layer of Mod
Podge to your paper and place paper

on your Mod Podged surface.
Let dry at least an hour.

Step 4: Add Your Letters (And Mod Podge Again)

Now apply your letters and
apply another healthy layer of Mod Podge to seal the whole thing. Let dry
another hour (waiting is the HARDEST part!)

Step 5: Repeat

Now repeat the whole
process on the side of your cube

OPPOSITE the one you just

Step 6: And You're DONE!

Now you have a fun festive
little decoration that you can use for multiple holidays!

I did Valentines "Love" and St. Pattys "Luck" but the
possibilities are endless (Easter with "EGGS" ! )

* Note: I considered doing more than the 2 sides but realized that if you do
the other sides kinda show when you display. Doing the 2 sides ensures that you
wont see the other design.

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    5 years ago

    Awesome...gonna do this with my kids!