Easy Nice Looking Yard Plant Stand




Introduction: Easy Nice Looking Yard Plant Stand

We used the Large heavy wire tomato plant stands to put three flower pots on to decorate the front yard, You can find them at many stores or feed supply's, usually a store with them also has assorted pot that you can find to fit just right.

Step 1: Paint

Paint the wire tomato stand the color you want with metal spray paint

Step 2: Find Pots

Find Pot that will be deep enough for your plant and also so that it will fit the ring you want to place it on

Step 3: Another

this is another plant stand, I made these from flower stands left over and discarded at grave site,

Step 4: Bending Rings

I bent my rings around this large pulley on this unused compressor

Each ring needs to be a 1 1/2 " to 2" larger or smaller from each other.

Step 5: Welding

I welded the ring together and in place with a cheap welder, but ist just a good and much easer to buy the tomato stands , press them in the ground where you want them, paint them and finnally put the plants in place, the just water

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    the welding machine I used from " harbor freight " about 110.00 ac/dc good enough for home use