Easy No-Sew Doll Ski Cap

Introduction: Easy No-Sew Doll Ski Cap

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Super easy DIY no-sew ski cap for dolls such as AmericanGirl (and other 18" dolls), Ellowynne, BFC Ink, Heart 2 Heart, Goetz, and 15" Disney dolls.

A YouTube video of this is available here: http://youtu.be/n6FNQpUm-Ys

Step 1: You Need:

Socks (long, like tube socks or knee socks)
Thread (no needle necessary)

Step 2: Cut Sock

Cut the toe off the sock. You can save it for other projects, such as my no-sew doll undies, which you can find here or on YouTube:

You also need to cut the other end. I recommend cutting about 1/2 inch into the "band" of the sock for the bottom of the cap.

Step 3: Cut Thread & Pinch End

Cut a very long piece of the coordinating thread.

Pinch the "top" end of the cap into gathers. Wrap the thread around the gather very tightly and tie off. Cut the thread very close to the knot.

Step 4: Create Pom-pom

If you like the little gather as-is, you can stop here. Otherwise, use your scissors to cut the gathered end into little strips. Once completely done, it forms a pom-pom and the ski cap is finished!

Another option for a pom-pom-less cap: do Steps 1-3 with the sock turned inside out. Tie off gather as close as possible to the end. When tied off, turn sock right-side out. This will look more like the purple ski cap pictured.

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    5 years ago

    Thanks! I was cutting the socks apart to make shirts and undies from each end, so I decided to figure out something for the middle. :)