Easy No-Sew Felt Bunting

Introduction: Easy No-Sew Felt Bunting

Here's how to make no-sew felt bunting. No stitching. no staples, just lovely hot glue.
{mine is Christmas themed, but yours could be anything}

If you haven't got a glue gun, go quickly and get one. They are cheap as chips.
My one is a basic Warehouse job for $7.99. The glue sticks cost $2 for a pack of twenty-seven.
Bargain, right?
I love my glue gun. I mean, look what it can do!

What you need:
A hot glue gun + plenty of refill glue sticks
Green, red and white felt, cut into triangles - 8 of each colour
8 small stars cut from the white felt
8 small christmas trees, cut from the green fabric
Gold and red glitter or beads
A roll of gold ribbon

Step 1: Cut Out Flags

Create a triangle template out of paper.
Pin onto felt and then carefully cut around, to create triangular flags.
Cut out an even number of each colour

(how many of each will depend on how long you want your bunting to be)

Step 2: Decorate Your Flags

Glue-gun the white stars into the centre of each red flag (on one side)

Glue-gun the green trees into the centre of each white flag (on one side)

Create a swirl of hot glue on each green flag and quickly sprinkle red or gold glitter (or beads) onto glue before glue sets.

Alternatively, make a heart from hot glue. Shake excess glitter/beads off and voila! A gorgeous glittery shape.

Step 3:

Roll out a length of gold ribbon from the roll but do not cut (yet).

Leave a length of ribbon blank (for tying/attaching) then apply a stripe of hot glue onto the ribbon as shown, and quickly press on green flag.

Leave a space, then another stripe of glue, attach a white flag.
Leave a space. Apply another stripe of glue then attach a red flag.

Repeat the process, alternating the colours, until all the flags have been attached.

Also alternate which way the "decal" is facing so that you have some blank and some patterned on both sides.

Once you have used up all the flags, leave a length of ribbon long enough for tying/attaching and then trim.

Step 4: The Final Result...

Your bunting is now complete. See how easy that was?


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