Easy Office Gun

Introduction: Easy Office Gun

About: I am a very creative person that likes to make weapons out of office supplies and other categories.

This is a very easy gun that I came up with for rubber band wars. It is a pistol that shoots about 8". I am not responsible for your actions. MAKE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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Step 1: Supplies

3 pencils (not sharpend) 2 clothespins Small rubber band Tools: Hot glue gun

Step 2: Pencils

Make 4 wraps around the pencils about an inch apart from each other as shown.

Step 3: Gluing

Put a lot of hot glue on the bottom of each clothes pin and put it at the end of the pencil.

Step 4: Almost Done

When the glue is dry take your rubber band and hook it in the clothe pin then stretch it over the end.

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    6 years ago

    Has anybody made this yet?