Easy Office Pranks

About: I'm Sean I like to play pranks on people so will often be posting prank instructables. Have fun!!

Here are some fun pranks to pull on your colleagues at work.

Step 1: Mouse Mayhem

This prank can easily be considered a classic, but that doesn’t mean

people don’t still fall victim to it.

How to:

1. Cover the sensor of the bottom of the mouse with a piece of tape, sicky note, or paper

2. Unplug the mouse from the back of the computer

See which they solve first and watch them think they’ve solved the problem!

Step 2: Dry Shower

Watch your colleague be covered in hole punch waste as they expect to

protected from the rain. The paper will most likely become wet and stick to them due to the rain.

How to:

1. Collect the contents of a hole punch over time

2. Empty the contents of a hole punch into the culprit’s umbrella

3. Wait for rainy day

Step 3: Stray Mouse

Terrorise your colleague with phantom mouse movements. The key to

successfully pranking your colleague through rogue mouse movements is to be conservative with your movements. The longer you can keep it up, the more likely they are to believe that something is fundamentally wrong with their computer (or mind!).

How to:

1. Acquire a wireless mouse

2. Plug in the sensor to the culprit’s computer

3. When they’re using their mouse, give the wireless mouse a wiggle!

Step 4: Toilet Paper Nightmare

Note: Perhaps not the best prank to pull on someone who suffers from


How to:

1. On your next trip to the toilet, unroll the toilet paper slightly

2. With a black pen, draw a small spider on the paper

3. Roll the paper back so no one can see it!

Step 5: Browser Extension

For this prank, you must have access to a colleague’s computer and also

know the exact browser extension you are going to install beforehand.

For this prank, you must have access to your colleague’s computer. Furthermore, time is of the essence, meaning you’ll want to know the exact browser extension you’re going to install beforehand. This will save you from being caught in the act!

How to:

1. Visit the link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/april-first-prank-toolkit/fjbpodpalenaeamobdjpcbkhalonpopk?hl=en-GB

2. Download the extension (this will only work for chrome users)

3. Set the options on the ‘Prank Toolkit’. You can choose from options such as:

· Upside down images

· Redirect Google to Bing

· Randomly reload tabs

· Hidden cursor

Step 6:

I found the pranks here: https://www.kitoutmyoffice.com/pages/top-10-office...

For me, the prank that works best is the browser extension. Works every time!



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