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Intro: Easy Omelette

A easy recipe to making a basic, but delicious omelette.Using only one pan, and some basic ingredients.Enjoy for breakfast,lunch,supper or for a snack! Easy, Delicious and Time Saving!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

1. Cheese

2. Cooking oil (canola,olive,sunflower,etc.)

3. Fresh milk

4. Two eggs

4. A cup

5. A grater

6. A small pan

7. A fish slice

A small bowl

Step 2: Test the Eggs

Break the eggs one by one into the cup to see if they're fresh. If they're not, Don't use them!

Step 3: Mix the Eggs With the Milk

Throw the eggs (After testing them) into a small bowl and mix with 15ml milk.

Step 4: Add Mixture to Pan

Add the egg and milk mixture to the pan. Note: Add some oil to the pan before adding.

Step 5: Add Cheese

While in pan, add the cheese.

Step 6: Last Things...

Turn one half of your omelette onto the other, while still in pan. Add salt,spices and herbs to your taste. Fry till ready.

Step 7: Just a Something...

Here is a "something" for you... if you can read it. It hangs above our stove.

Step 8: Enjoy

Enjoy your omelette with fresh herbs, or alone!

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