Easy One Eyed Flashlight Monster



Introduction: Easy One Eyed Flashlight Monster

hi! this my first instructable. hope you like it!


  • any green box
  • red paint
  • any marker pen
  • battery
  • wire
  • scissors
  • sellotape

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Step 1: Make a Hole

make a hole in the front and back big enough for the battery and bulb.

Step 2: Draw

draw a mouth and paint it red.

Step 3: Paste

paste one end of the wire at the battery and the other at the bulb with sellotape.

Step 4: Insert

insert the bulb from the hole in back to the hole front.Do the same with the battery.

Step 5: Join

join the other end of the battery to the bulb. Like this.

Step 6: Done

your monster is ready!

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