Simplistic Orange Candle

Introduction: Simplistic Orange Candle

Easy and doesn't take long.

Step 1: What You'll Need

– Petroleum Jelly, wax, or crayons
– An orange
– Small kitchen knife to cut the orange
– Vegetable oil of any kind
– Sturdy spoon or small spatula
– Cotton ball (or Q-tip)
– you might want to have some paper towels nearby
– A lighter or match for when you're ready to light the candle

Step 2: Cutting the Orange

At the top and bottom of every orange is a mark that indicates where the center is.

Position the orange so that it's sideways, and the marks should be on the sides of your orange.

Cut it down the middle where the dotted line is.

Twist the top off- or use a spoon to get under the peel and separate the orange from the peel.

(it has to be cut down the middle this way or you'll have to get a wick)

Step 3: Eat the Orange

Pretty self explanatory.
Eat the orange so that you're left with the peelings only (as shown in the picture) make sure to KEEP the the center part attached to the peel. My half of the orange peel is actually a week old, that's why it's stiff. It doesn't matter if the peel is soft or hard, but for me it was easier to work with stiff. It only takes a few hours to harden.

Step 4: Flammable Wick

Dip your cotton ball or Q-tip into the vegetable oil.

Dab the stem with the cotton ball or Q-tip. You can also squeeze droplets of oil onto the stem.

Step 5: Adding the Jelly (or Wax)

Take your spoon or spatula and scoop some petroleum jelly; scrape it off the spoon and into the orange peel until you've added as much as you want. Use the back of the spoon to smooth out the jelly on the surface.

If using crayon/wax:
Microwave and melt the desired amount in a microwavable beaker for about 3-5 min. or on the stove in double boiler until it's liquid and just pour a it into the peel.

Step 6: Light It Up!

I would suggest re-applying oil to to the wick/stem just because some of the cotton or jelly might've stuck to the wick.

Go grab a match or lighter and light it up!

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