Easy Paper Ninja Star With Graphics

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Want to have some playground ninja star battles?

Choose your Weapon: Metal, Wood, or Ice?

Download Page 1+2, Print at 8.5x11, and turn off "fit picture to frame". Cut the white square out of both pages along the black border.

Metal Paper Ninja Star - Page 1
Metal Paper Ninja Star - Page 2
Wood Paper Ninja Star - Page 1
Wood Paper Ninja Star - Page 2
Ice Paper Ninja Star - Page 1
Ice Paper Ninja Star - Page 2

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Step 1: Fold in Half Along Red Dotted Line

Fold in Half along Red dotted line with graphics facing out.

Step 2: Fold in Half Again Along Blue Dotted Line

Fold in Half again along Blue Dotted Line

Step 3: Fold in Half Along Green Dotted Line

Fold in half Along Green dotted line

Step 4: Fold Along Pink Dotted Lines

Fold along Pink dotted lines

Step 5: Fold Along Yellow Dotted Lines

Fold along yellow dotted lines

Step 6: Align Pages

Place “Under” page on table with graphics facing down. Take second page, line up over the dotted lines with graphics facing up.

Step 7: ​Fold 7 Tabs

Fold 7 Tabs into pocket across from arrow

Step 8: Enjoy and Customize

Enjoy your awesome paper ninja star! Feel Free to customize my graphics to make your very OWN ninja star!

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