Easy Peachy-cakes With Orange-cinnamon Frosting

Introduction: Easy Peachy-cakes With Orange-cinnamon Frosting

Here's another Jiffy-mix creation from the college student who loves to make cupcakes!


1 Package of Jiffy Yellow cake mix (as usual you can totally use whatver cake mix you want)
1 Peach (peeled and mashed up)[Though, two may bring out more peachy-ness in the cupcakes. I used one, because I had one :)]

Follow directions on the box with the addition of the peach. You may want to subtract about a fourth of the liquid that isn't egg used in the mix.

4oz cream cheese (I buy the blocks and cut it in half)
4 oz butter (again. Use the stick. Cut it in half)
1/2 cup powdered sugar (It may be more, may be less.)
1 large orange  to zest half of
2-3 dashes of Cinnamon Sugar

Mix it all together folding in the powdered sugar just a little at a time, and frost those bad boys!
DONE! :)

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