Easy Peasy Cat/dog Hair Removal From Furniture





Introduction: Easy Peasy Cat/dog Hair Removal From Furniture

Have problems with cat/dog hair or fur in your apartment? Furniture is all hairy?

No more forever taking vacuum cleaning.

Just use water and your hands.

Energy and time saving tip!

Step 1: Get Bowl of Water. Rinse Your Hands.

Not much to add...

Step 2: Swipe Couple of Times on the Linen

Swipe couple of times on the linen of your furniture. Pets hair/fur will ball-up. All of it!

Repeat swipes till it's clean.

During process moist your hands if necessary.

Trash the hair balls.

Sit on sofa/couch and enjoy clean fresh feel to it :)

Step 3: You Are Done!

Go get some rest!



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    You can also spray the furniture or car seats with anti-static spray.