Easy Peasy No-Sew Breezy Yarn Scarf




About: I am retired and love to spend my time at our cabin, birding, hiking, sewing, and repurposing; I especially enjoy working with wool.

This colorful, multi-textured scarf is so very fun and easy to make!  Not only will you enjoy making several for yourself, but also as gifts for your friends and family.  Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

Measuring tape

I have selected eight different textures and colors of yarns to make our scarf.

Step 2: Measuring, Cutting, and Creating

The scarf can be created from really any number of pieces of yarn.  The scarf I made consists of 30 pieces of yarn - each 120 inches in length.   I placed the pieces of yarn in a pleasing pattern of my liking and I placed them consistently in the same order; however, you can place the pieces of yarn in a consistent manner if you are so inclined or not - either way results in a work of art.

You will recall I selected eight different yarns.  I cut a varied number of each color depending on how I wanted the scarf to look.  

Step 3: Tying and Completing

Gather all the pieces of yarn together.  Use your fingers to pull them all together - like a comb.  Throughout this completion stage, use your fingers as a comb to straighten the pieces of yarn.

Fold the scarf, which now it is, in half.  Tie a regular knot in the middle of the scarf.  

Tie another knot on both the right and left sides of the scarf 14 inches from the middle knot.  Tie one more set of knots on both the right and left sides of the scarf 14 inches from the others.  In total - the scarf has five knots - one in the middle and two on each side.  

Trim the ends and wrap around you neck in your favorite style!  I usually fold the scarf in half and pass both end through the loop and adjust accordingly.  

Step 4: Examples of Different Colored Scarves

Have a fun time creating your's!  Good luck.




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    2 years ago

    Just wanted to let you know that I featured this pattern over on this blog post:



    6 years ago on Step 4


    "I love the texture of these scarves and the ease of the project!" said the woman whose never picked up a knitting or crochet needle in her life. ;-)

    1 reply

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Super fun, and a great gift idea! My mom saw a lot of these at a craft fair she went to recently. They were very popular!

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