Easy Pen Tool Tutorial - Photoshop

Introduction: Easy Pen Tool Tutorial - Photoshop

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Hey Guys in this video i cover all of the functions and uses of the pen tool from scratch. This tutorial is great for learning to use the keyboard commands and other uses of the Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop. Also Check out the written tutorial to make notes of any keyboard commands!

Step 1: How to Use the Pen Tool Written Tutorial, Keyboard Commands & Instructions.

To select the Pen Tool in Photoshop click the pen shaped icon in the left hand Tools panel or press "P" on your keyboard.

Pen Tool keyboard Commands.

Left click - Draw straight lines uninterrupted by left clicking you can continuously do this without having to do anything else. Holding Left Click - This will create Bezier Curves and show two bars protruding out from either side of the point where you clicked. Alt click and hold on the Bezier Bars - Moves the bar selected to show Photoshop the direction of where the next line is going to go. Ctrl click and hold on the Bezier Bars - Moves the whole selection to adjust to the direction of where the next line is going to go. Alt and click on the middle point of Bezier Bars - Deselects the Bezier bars and allows you to restart as if it was the first line you were placing while staying connected to the last line. Ctrl & left click away from selection - Allows you to deselect the current selection and start new lines elsewhere. Ctrl & Left click on a completed selection - Moves the whole selection together.

Fill Path and Stroke Path using the Pen Tool.

Once you are happy with the selections click over to your brush tool or press "B" on the keyboard and choose your foreground color. If you are drawing outlines then make sure that you have the Hardness, Opacity and Flow set to 100%, also play around with the brush tip shape to get the desired effect. If you are only trying to fill an object then you only need to select the foreground color.

Go back over to the Pen Tool by pressing "P" and right click on the selection that you wish to use. Next select Stroke path and Brush to use the Brush settings you just made or click Fill Path to fill the selection with your foreground color.

You have now completed the how to use the Pen Tool Tutorial in Adobe Photoshop!

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