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Introduction: Easy Pencil Skirt With Inner Tube Trim

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Making skirts from clothing has been a great experience. It is so easy to do and is faster than using a pattern from scratch. 

Hems, collars, and zippers are easy to use and less pain to sew.  Here are 2 different skirts that I made from jeans that were too small.

I made one with inner tube  fringe and one with inner tube trim with fabric.  I have enjoyed making these and will continue to do so.

Please do see my other skirt creations here:  http://instructables.com/id/Easy-Skirts-From-Clothing-Ties-and-inner-tubes/.

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Step 1: Supplies

Recipient 1 size larger of old pair of jeans
Neck tie
Fabric trim if desired for the slit and waist
Bicycle inner tube
Sewing machine
Leather needle for the sewing machine
Seam ripper
Tape measure or ruler
Marking Pen
Iron and ironing board optional

PLEASE NOTE: This pencil skirt is utilizing the front and back pockets of an old pair of jeans. I used 1 size larger than what my daughter wears to make a conventional skirt and so I could cut off bulk fabric that my machine won't sew.

Step 2: Wash and Trim Inner Tube

Trim one side of the inner tube so it will lay flat. 

Hand wash or machine wash it on delicate cool. 

If you wish to paint it I think I can say it can be done.  I have experimented with it and found that bicycle inner tubes work nicely to paint as long as there is no stress on the rubber and you use the right paint.  I tried painting the thicker pieces of truck inner tubes and it cracks.  I was disappointed.  I had such a great vision. 

Please note:  You can paint bicycle inner tubes using this paint and it should not crack.  I have had good results with it.  

Step 3: Trim the Jeans Inseam

Trim the inseam of the jeans. 

Cut off the top part as if you were going to make shorts. (Skirt front  top) (Skirt top back)

Make sure the pocket does not get trimmed or you will have to sew it later. 

The left over fabric will be the skirt bottom.

Step 4: Skirt Bottom

Lay a skirt that fits over the skirt front and back and mark allowing enough for the seams.

Trim off excess.

Spread out one jeans leg and place the top front over the widest part of the leg.

Pin the right side of the skirt front to the right side of the jean leg turning under the raw edge as shown.    (Try to center the seam if you can if not try to off set it to look the best.

Repeat this step for the skirt back. 

Trim if necessary to make the sides uniform.

Step 5: Place Inner Tube Between the Layers

Place the inner tube between the layers of the skirt front so that the longest part (for the fringe) faces the waist. 

Pin it into place.  If you want just a thin trim with no fringe trim before pinning it to the garment. 

Sew the skirt front through all the layers, skirt front, skirt bottom and the trim. 

Please Note:  The inner tube needs to be between the layers for most sewing machines because they won't sew it.  It takes an industrial machine to sew on inner tube directly. 

Step 6: Mark Slit

You can put a slit in the side seam or the front. 

Mark the slit.

If you want a front slit then go ahead and cut it and pin under the raw edges and hem.

Step 7: Sew the Skirt Back

Sew the skirt  top back to the bottom back at the seam.

Step 8: Pin the Front to the Back

Pin the front to the back at the side seams with right sides together.

Sew the side seams up to the slit. ( I am using only one slit.)

Step 9: Finish the Slit

Hem the slit on the sides if you haven't already.  You can eithor just turn down the hem or add a piece of fabric for color. 

Step 10: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

Now that I am finished I would have to say I am very happy with the new skirt.  I would change the front design next time though.  Maybe put the trim down the leg and around the pockets.  But all in all I am happy with the skirt and am sure my daughter will love it. 

I have enjoyed making new clothes from good usable garments. The possibilities are endless! Please do share your comments especially if you have made anything from these ideas. Inner tubes could be used for a lot of different clothing and accessories for embellishments. It is also very nice to work with. I am anxious to try using some that I painted in a few clothing items.

Thanks for stopping by and if you would rate and vote I would be  humbly grateful.

Have a super day!


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