Easy Photo Editing:Two of You

Introduction: Easy Photo Editing:Two of You

Easily edit yourself into a picture to appear to be playing yourself in basketball, having tea with yourself, or anything else. It's easy and it doesn't require any expensive editing software. By the way, the photos will have better quality then what you see here. Because of the uploading, the picture resolution was lowered.

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Step 1: Requirements

What You'll Need:

A tripod (a cheap one's fine)
A digital camera that can be attached to a tripod
Microsoft Paint

I know what you're thinking. Paint. I know, it's bad. Just give it a try. It does everything that you'll need to do to make this look good, primarily, dropping in the other picture of you.

Step 2: Thinking of an Idea

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is think of what you want to take a picture of. You can do yourself playing basketball with yourself, playing poker with yourself, anything. The possibilities are limitless. In this case, we're gonna do a take-off of the Beatles Abbey Road.

Step 3: Taking the Pictures

Once you've thought of your idea, set up your tripod. Make sure to have the exact idea of your photo in your mind, including where you will be standing. You want to set up the tripod in a place where your shadow is not going to go behind the other you. This should be fine if you are far enough away from yourself in the picture, but if you get to close, you want to make sure that the shadow is in front of the other you, or in front or behind its owner.

Now, take the first picture. You want to take a picture of what one of you is doing in the picture. To take the picture, get someone else to take it, set the camera on a timer, or use a remote.

Now, to take the other pictures. Make sure that you do not move the camera or tripod at all. Even a slight movement will mess the whole picture up. Take the rest of your pictures of doing what you're doing in the picture.

Step 4: Touching Up

Now, put all of the pictures you just took onto your computer. Once on, double click them to open them in Windows Photo Gallery. From here, click Fix to adjust the brightness, exposure, and color to make sure that all of the pictures lighting looks exactly the same. Depending on your camera, you may not have to do this. Mine is really cheap, so I did.

Step 5: Putting Together

Now, open Paint twice. In one, click Edit and Paste From and paste one of your pictures. You'll probably have to zoom out. In the other, do the same with the other picture. In the second Paint, use the Free-Form Select button in the top left hand corner and trace around yourself. Make sure that you include parts of the background. You may want to include less of the background depending on how close you will be to yourself in the final picture. Once you've done that, use Ctrl C or any other method of copying and copy the outline. Paste it into the other paint and line up the backgrounds perfectly. You shouldn't be able to tell where one picture starts and the other begins. If you can, you should go back and adjust the color even more so that the colors match up. If you bumped your camera, you may just have to take another set of pictures. Make sure you've included the shadows.

Do this with all of your pictures.

Step 6: Finish

You're done. You should have a flawless and amazing picture that will stun your family and friends. I did this two years ago and I still have people asking me how I did it. Have fun, the possibilities are endless.

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10 years ago on Introduction

That's really good! I never would have thought to use Paint like that. (Course, I have photoshop already, but if I'm ever without..!) I LOVE the picture of the kid playing cards. XD