Easy Pizza Rose

Introduction: Easy Pizza Rose

Pizza is not romantic enough? You want to give it a creative design? Make a rose-shaped pizza! Plus, it takes only about 15 mins (without baking and "growing dough) to make it

It's very hard to paint a good rose, you know? But it's quite easy to make a 3D rose.

So well, the idea came to me because I had some roses in my room and I wanted to make pizza, as simple as that.

Idea, recipe and pictures are entirely mine.

PS: If you have any other cool names for this Instructable, please post them!

Step 1: Dough

I took:
about 1, 5 cups of flour
a pinch of salt
some herbs
about a tablespoon of olive oil
small amount of yeast
tiny amount of sugar
a little of pepper

and mixed it all together. Then I put it in a warm place for an hour. The dough is ready!

Step 2: Filling

Some ketchup (if you don't have it take some tomatoes and fry them with no oil for some time)
herbs (kinds of your choice)
(you have to decide if there's right proportion of ingredients)
of course you can add other ingredients like ham or corn or anything else but I didn't have them

Just mix it. Now add grated cheese and mix again ( there has to be quite a lot of cheese and it has to be like a dense sauce)

Step 3: Easier (though Less Good-looking) Version

Using a rolling-pin make the dough narrow, long and thin. Put the sauce on  it except of the place on one end. Make the other end a little wider.
Wrap it so the sauced side is inside.
Bake in high temperature (I baked in about 500*F)

Step 4: Harder and Better-looking Version

Make an about 2 inch long strip, put sauce on it and wrap it like in easier version. Take the rest and make thin circles out of it. Put some sauce on circles and stick them in random places on the core (around the wrapped part).
Bake it in about 500*F

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