Make It - Cheap Promo Magnets




Scrap wood magnets made out of Walnut and Maple, coated in West Epoxy.

Any wood can be used as long as its smooth and the ink contrasts enough to be seen. I printed off a mirrored version of my logo on my laser printer and transferred it over to the wood blanks by soaking the paper with Lacquer Thinner and pressing the paper into the wood. It's very easy, but it takes a little practice so expect to make some mistakes. I then coated the front with west epoxy to give it a nice feel and a magnified look. I used a propane torch to remove the bubbles from the epoxy. The magnets had an adhesive back and I used a heat gun to warm them up so they stick better.

Links Titebond Glue -
West Epoxy -
Propane Torch -
Self Adhesive Magnet -
Laser Printer -
Lacquer Thinner -
Heat Gun -



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