Easy, Quick Glam Makeup Tutorial

Introduction: Easy, Quick Glam Makeup Tutorial

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Here is the perfect look for every occasion. So simple but effective.

Step 1:

First prime and apply foundation all over face not forgetting your neck or ears. Then with concealer apply this to the under eyes, chin, nose and forehead and blend out with a beauty blender. You then want to set this with some loose setting powder.

Step 2:

For the rest of the face you want to add some powder to just set the liquid into place. Then with a contour powder apply this to the hollows of your cheeks, jawline and hairline. Finally add some mauve blush to the cheeks.

Step 3:

You then want to fill in your brows.

Step 4:

For the eyes you want to first apply a skin toned shadow all over the lid and then with a brown shadow blend this into the crease of the eye. With a darker brown you want to do the same thing keeping it a little lower than the last shadow. Then with a golden highlighter apply this to the inner corner and on the brow bone.

Step 5:

For the lips apply a matt red lip.

Step 6:

Also adding the inner corner highlight to the highest points of the cheeks for the natural glow.

Step 7:

Finally apply mascara to the lashes and some false lashes to help open up the eyes. Then apply a black pencil to the waterline.

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