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Introduction: Easy Quick TShirt Hat

About: Harro. My name is andrew...and i love donuts! =D

Just noticed you have bad hair day? Is it too hot outside? You dont have a hat with you? Do i sound like an annoying commercial?

If you answered Yes to anyone of those questions, then THIS instructable is perfect for you!

.:First instructable:. (i just need improvement/positive comments)

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Step 1: Fold Eh

--> A T shirt <--

Fold your shirt like the image

(the collar should be folded down)

Step 2: Wear Eh

Put the shirt on and tie the sleeves behind your head

.:The rim of the T-shirt hat should be at your eyebrows:.

_-'You are now Done'-_

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    3 Discussions


    11 months ago

    ABOVE the eyebrows - no wonder I kept bumping into trees. Thanks for the tip


    11 years ago on Introduction

    awesome, you can also fold the shirt over more before tying it to leave out the neck flap, cool segment.