Easy Quick TShirt Hat




Harro. My name is andrew...and i love donuts! =D

Intro: Easy Quick TShirt Hat

Just noticed you have bad hair day? Is it too hot outside? You dont have a hat with you? Do i sound like an annoying commercial?

If you answered Yes to anyone of those questions, then THIS instructable is perfect for you!

.:First instructable:. (i just need improvement/positive comments)

Step 1: Fold Eh

--> A T shirt <--

Fold your shirt like the image

(the collar should be folded down)

Step 2: Wear Eh

Put the shirt on and tie the sleeves behind your head

.:The rim of the T-shirt hat should be at your eyebrows:.

_-'You are now Done'-_



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    awesome, you can also fold the shirt over more before tying it to leave out the neck flap, cool segment.