Easy Raft




Introduction: Easy Raft

This is a raft i built in about 3-4 hours or so. This raft is easy, fun, and affordable. I didn't have to pay any money because I already had all the stuff I need to build it. In this instructable I will teach you to build this raft.

Step 1: Gather Wood

You should get about 1/2 an inch to 1 inch thick small saplingsabout ~6-10 feet tall.I cut them down with a hack saw or an axe and i cut the branches off with a pruning fork.

Step 2: Build Frame

Tie three +6 feet tall sapplings and make two, then cut 6, 3 foot pices of sappling cut these to this size then after the two 6 foot tied sapplings are set. Set them 2 feet apart. After that lay out the 3 foot pices across the make supports. You can tie them or use duck tape. I used both in this case.

Step 3: Add the Top

The top can be plywood or any type of wood that is 3 x 6 feet. To attach the to you need 4 bungee cords. Two medium size two small size. The two large bungees will go down the length on the bottom of the raft and hook to the other side of the top wood. Then the two small bungees go across the bottom sideways.

Step 4: Floatation!

Get two trash bags full of soda cans, water bottles, 2 liters, milk jugs, ballons, etc. After two bags are collected duck tape the top shut. Then flip the raft over and attach the bags one in the front one in the back. To attack just use alot of duck tape.

Step 5: Paddel

To make the paddel cut a 5 foot sapling or less depends on how tall you are or if you will be standing or sitting. Simply tie / bungee a piece or wood to the bootom. To make the handle (opt) take a knife and cut a circular half pipe shape out of the top and get a 3 in long piece of sappling and tape it on the top. Then your ready to go raft.

Step 6: Have Fun

If has trouble floating add another trash bag to the botto. Should help out.



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    I'm going to build a variation with a truck inner tube I got and some sticks and some hardwood flooring about yo be thrown away

    I'm going to build a variation with a truck inner tube I got and some sticks and some hardwood flooring about yo be thrown away

    You sure this is safe???? Will the tape hold when wet???? what happens when trash bags tear apart??? I hope your planing on floating with adult supervision.

    6 replies

    yes it is safe, its not a cruise ship but it should float. i made one similar to this a couple months ago and it works great. i used milk jugs and just taped them on some tape that had too many gaps in it sorta came off but it is still going. the frame is also a lot like this one. but since i only used 8 milk jugs it sinks a little but i just wear boots and taped an industrial tupperwear on it for the cab. now this raft looks a bit unstable but like he said just add more bags.

    You know, I could care less if it's safe or if it holds up or explodes! As long as you know how to swim, you should be fine.

    I replaced the tape with bungees and im putting another bag on the front.

    I'd like to see this on the water, with you on it. Any chance of a pic? L