Easy Ragdoll Makeup




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An easy step-by-step tutorial, for a fool-proof Halloween night!

Step 1: Base

Start with a clean face and apply moisturiser, or foundation primer, all over your skin. This creates a base for the makeup to stick to.

Step 2: Foundation

Using a very light foundation, cover your face. If using a liquid, don't forget to set with a powder.

Step 3: Eyes

Apply a eyeshadow primer around the eye and then use a dark eyeshadow all around the eye. I used a dark maroon as my dress was a dark red. You may also want to cut the crease with a darker shade.
Line your top and botton lid with black liner.

Step 4: Blush

Apply a bright coloured blush to the apples of your cheek in circles.

Step 5: Lips

Using concealer or a matte nude shade of lipstick, apply this to your lips.
Then using a red lipstick, apply lipstick to the center of your lips.

Step 6: Stitches

Using a black liquid liner, draw lines from the corner of each side of your lips to create a slightly crooked smile. Draw short lines parallel to this to look like stitches. Add another line (or several) to other areas of your face.

Step 7: Lashes

Lastly, finish off the look with a pair of thick false lashes. Add mascara and curl your own lashes into place.

Step 8: Done!

Add some ribbons to your hair, a smock dress, long white socks and you're good to go. You could even add stitches around your neck and wrists to add to this look. 

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    The cloud 1808

    3 years ago

    D.O.L.L.H.O.U.S.E. I see things that nobody else sees ( Melanie Martinez song )

    Cute bunny... mines a pain in the but adorable lol


    5 years ago

    Wait wait wait? Why is she carrying a rabbit while showing off rag doll makeup?


    5 years ago

    Cute rabbit


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I would like to say a famous Persian saying that says: "every flower has own particular smell " meanings which we can not compare the smell of flowers to gathers , each one of them has other smell and impossible to comparing

    So i think you with or without makeup are beautiful ! and you are a real actor

    Take care ....


    5 years ago

    You are one gorgeous lady with or with out the make up