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Super easy raised garden construction, perfect for in a location where friends, family and neighbours can be told about your skill and awesomeness in the garden.

Step 1: You Will Need...

To make a square raised garden:
- 4 equal lengths of 6x2 timber.  I used 1200mm lengths as that was what fit in my car.  Have the hardware guys at the store cut the timber to length for you.  Ask for "dressed" timber- this means its the smooth stuff not the splinter stuff.
- 4 L brackets with 10mm holes
- 8 coach bolts (10mm diametre)
- pencil
- electric drill with 10mm bit
- hammer and spanner
- level
- potting mix or compost
- wood stain (optional)

* note.... I built this garden bed as a replacement for a rotten edging the previous owners of the house had built... And planted a tree in. Building around an existing tree is fraught with issues... Only do this with research and great care.

Step 2: Preparation

Lay out your lengths in a square on a flat, level surface.  (Garage floor is perfect).  Make sure you check the corners are square.

Using the pencil, trace around the shape of the brackets, including the holes.

Write on the inside of each piece which side is up, and where it will be facing.  I use descriptions like, 'footpath side', 'side closest to the hedge' etc.  Put an arrow to show the up side.

Drill the circles you traced, right through the timber.  You will want to turn the wood on its side, so that the drilling is going downwards... and place either on a sawhorse or across scrap timber to keep it off the ground at this point.

Step 3: Optional: Staining the Garden

Using a wood stain, stain the outside and top of the timber.  You could also paint this, or leave this step blank.

Step 4: Placing the Garden

Take all the pieces, bolts, brackets, spanner, hammer and level to the garden site.  This is perfect for around an existing tree, or to hide something unsightly... but a general piece of ground is fine. 

Remove the grass or weeds from the ground if present.  You can choose to add weedmat, but I think that weeds will grow whether you have it or not, so I never use the stuff.

Following your penciled instructions, layout the pieces in place.  Attach the bolts through the brackets and the timber, having the nuts on the inside of the garden.  Place a level on top, and adjust the frame until it is even.  You may need to either remove some of the ground, or add extra soil just to make it right.

Fill the garden with compost or potting mix.

Plant with flowers or vegetables.

Point out fabulous garden you made yourself to EVERYBODY, and wait for their sounds of praise.

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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I couldn't tell if that was a tree in the center or a tall stone.

    If it is a tree be careful about raising the height of the soil over the base of the tree it can harm the tree and even cause it to die.

    2 replies

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    This particular tree was grown in a raised bed... Which had rotten away. I replaced the garden edging without raising the height of the tree. However, I totally acknowledge that you have to be super careful planting around established trees.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Make it an inch too high and you can easily kill the tree.

    Best to do a little research first.

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Indeed you are correct. This tree was grown in a raised bed by the previous owners of the house. The raised garden here was a replacement for the existing garden bed that had rotten away.