Easy Rebuildable PVC Fort


Forts are fun. My kids even like them! Forts are often time consuming to build and keep together, especially with a 2 year old Monster helping. This Super easy PVC fort can be built in under 10 minutes. It is so easy that I don't feel bad taking it down after the kids go to bed and put it back up in the next day. It comes completely apart making it easy to store when not in use.

Supplies & Tools:

         PVC Pipe
24 - 1/2" Extra Rigid 3' PVC lengths
4   - 1/2" Extra Rigid 9" PVC lengths

         PVC Connectors
5   - 1/2" 3-way PVC connector
1   - 1/2" 5-way PVC connector
6   - 1/2" 4-way PVC connector
12 - 1/2" Caps

Measuring Tape
PVC Cutters

Connectors came from FlexPVC for a total of $34.38 including shipping. The PVC pipe, 8 -10' foot lengths came from Home Depot for $18. PVC cutters at Home Depot are about $15. If you don't plan on ever using the tools again FlexPVC will cut and ship all the pieces for you for about $50.

Step 1: Cut PVC to Length

One end of the PVC from The Home Depot has a connector built in, so adding the 10' lengths together is easy. We all ready have connectors so there is no use for it. All of It needs to be removed.  The 10' lengths don't fit in my car, cut them up in the parking lot.

Step 1:

Start at the end of the PVC that DOESN'T have the connector.
Using a type measure mark the PVC at 3'. Use a point instead of just a line so when you go to cut it is clear where.
Repeat until there is 24 3' lenths

Step 2:

After cutting 3 - 3' lengths out of the 10' PVC there should be 12" left but the end needs to be removed leaving about 9"
Cut 4 lengths of PVC to about ~9".

Step 2: Assemble PVC

Step 1:

Assemble the fort upside down, the legs pointing up.
Follow the plan provided or create your own!
Put the end caps on each of the legs.

Step 2:

If you have two people to flip the fort assemble it all then flip.
Otherwise assemble one square at a time. Flip over each square and connect.

Step 3: Add Blankets

Step 1:

Using 2 Clamps and a small blanket a simple division of rooms can be made.
The short spaces make it easy to build in doors.

Step 2:

Cover the rest of the PVC to finish the fort.
This could be just the beginning of a fort, a starting place to build from.

Step 3:

Have Fun!

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    9 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Have you had any trouble disassembling this fort? I wanted to do this awhile back but was talked out of it by my husband who felt the pipes would become stuck together...

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    No, I haven't had any problems. Some connections are tighter than others but nothing that can't be undone with a little whack twist and pull.

    I'm 5'7 on a tall day and I can easily play in there. Depends on how much taller you make it and if you are using heavy blankets or sheets. I think it the pipe is plenty rigid especially if you connect the bottom like the top for extra support.

    On a tall day, good one. This is an inspiring build. To me every tree house, fort, playground to me is a tiny home waiting to be fully decked out with off grid utilities.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Godd idea,may be it can be used in some PVC hose,such as PVC wire hose,suction hose etc. there are more useful tools in www.ussica.com

    I like the idea of a fort that can be taken down and reassembled later. The cost here is a real plus too! Good idea and I am sure the kids love it. Nice entry.